About Us

We strive to deliver products and services that best address our client’s needs.

Who We Are

Our Vision
To catalyze and transform projects into business, through applying mastery, passion, and integrity. We seek to contribute to sustainable development by dedicating ourselves to reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, through adopting environment and human-centric approach, that will bring improvements in quality of life for all.

Our Mission
Transforming our investor’s ideas and visions into sustainable business by augmenting expertise, quality, customer-oriented service, and most advanced technologies and innovations.

Our Goals
We seek to create and maintain wealth for our investors whilst creating opportunities and participating in local economic development and social well-being.

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Our Team

Sisi Modise

Ms Sisi Modise-Bade is a Founder and CEO of SAIMS Consulting since 2005 to deliver bilateral investment services between central Europe and Southern African business communities. She holds a B.Sc. in International Business Management(Arizona -USA), and has been in various senior management roles prior to SAIMS Consulting, for multinational manufacturers, service companies, and operators. She brings over 20 years of various business management and administration experience.  Sisi is South African living in Germany since 2000.

Torsten Schmidt

Mr Torsten Schmidt is a Founder & CEO of RSR Engineering. He has an extensive experience in Bioprocess Engineering and Renewable Resources and Regenerative Energies. He also lectures at the University of Hanover and Gottingen, Germany. Mr Schmidt holds a degree in the field of Bio Process Engineering and Master’s degree in Engineering of Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy Studies. Mr. Schmidt is a supporting member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) ,Engineers Without Borders“, Member of the supervisory board IFU-CERT certification body for management systems GmbH, Hanover (Germany) and VDI – Association of German Engineers.